Danny Son Roofing Company explains how to spot water damage

Just like something else in your house, your roof also requires infrequent checkup and preservation. The great information is that you can check the status of the roof yourself or hire a Danny Son Roofing to do the job. In spite of your variety, here are four symbols of roof damage to keep in mind:

Missing shingles

If you find out that some shingles have gone missing – perhaps due to a strong gust of wind – you should have those replaced directly. Missing shingles expose parts of your roof to nature’s elements, which may cause water damage to the exposed wood decking.

 Roofing granules in the gutter

Discovering leaves in your gutters are single thing, but discovering roofing granules is an entire dissimilar story in total. Definite, it’s usual for any roof to misplace some granules but when you locate your gutter congested up from granules, it may be time for a roof checkup. Like shingles, lacks of granules also expose you to a variety of risks.

 Leaky roof beams

Go off up to your attic with a flashlight and notice if you see sunshine shining during the roof beams. If the reply is yes, it means water might or is already seeping in. Have it fixed instantly! If your insulation is also showing symbols of mold and humidity, then it means you require ensuring for damage here as well.

 Problems with flashing

Is the flashing around the smokestack, rooftop, or vent pipe in peak state? If not, it may lead to water seepage and finally expensive harm. On flat roofs, flashing is frequently the most ordinary reason of roof leaks, and you must be watchful of that.