Shingle Roofing

This asphalt shingle is credited with a number of benefits and this is the reasons that it is considered as one of the ideal material for a roof.
As this roof has many advantages so this shingle roof has become the more widespread option for the roofs of homes and apartment complexes. We are very proud that we are expert in installation and replacement of shingle roofs.
Our company specializing in roofing formally established in Pembroke Pines. We are characterized by delivering a product of the highest quality.
We have our office which is located in Pembroke Pines and we also serve near areas to Pembroke Pines. We are always there for you and always ready to help you.

Tile Roofing

If you have noticed in Pembroke Pines that lots of the buildings whether they are residential or commercial contain tile rooftops. Tile roofing is very famous amongst our customers, particularly in Pembroke Pines. From many years, Danny & Sons roofing offering superior roofing services in Pembroke Pines.
These tile roofing is frequently linked with clay tiles. These clay tiles turn out to be a very good roofing material to lots of people in Pembroke Pines. People of Pembroke Pines likes clay tile roofs very much because these tile wont rot or burn in the hot sun. A sand tile is also the alternatives to clay tiles.

Reasons to select Danny & Sons roofing for your tile roofing solutions

We are not only the best roofing contractors in Pembroke Pines, but also we have the great status for our fantastic roofing services and reasonable prices. We are known about us that we contain what it takes to perform your tile roofing installation. You just make a contact with us and we will go over the styles and all the tile resources we contain to provide.
So if you want to hear more concerning our roofing solutions and to get your tile roofing project happening. Contact us and our customer will happily set up your check up and offer you with a free without obligation quotation.

Roof replacement

Is your roof is harshly spoiled by the lack of maintenance? Then it’s instance for a roof replacement. When we talk about roof replacement you might think that it is a big job that will slash deep into your handbag. With this plus point Danny & Sons roofing, you can be expecting to pay less for the best roofing services around.
As you know that, Danny & Sons Roofing serves Pembroke Pines. We have been providing our customers with leading roofing services for residential and commercial buildings.

About Roof Replacement

If we talk about the roof replacement then it is recommended to those who have old, worn down roofs. After lots of years now it’s possible to perform a re-roofing assignment or roof repairs when normal preservation was never administered. When our contractors conduct an inspection of the roof then they will say what route is great for your circumstances. Frequently times, a roof replacement is recommended. In this type of cases our contractors will go over all your choices counting the resources to utilize, the building of the new roof, and all of the other details.
Once your roof replacement problem is soughed out. Then you will give a free, no obligation quotation.


As there is no disbelief that Pembroke Pines can surely do a little harm to your rooftop. As the people of Pembroke Pines faces the extremities weather point in time to time, the roof of your home or commercial building might only previous for so long before it accumulate water damage or other damages caused by the weather.

About Our Re-Roofing Services

The procedure of re-roofing is not as much of expensive as compare as that of a complete roof replacement. Our excellence roofing contractors are very well-known with re-roofing projects considering as they are a large alternative to roof replacements.
Re-roofing is different from a roof replacement. Roof replacements need the existing rooftop layers to be entirely replaced with new shingles or roofing. Re-roofing services are a very old solution for those who don’t desire to experience an entire roof replacement.

Call Danny & Sons Roofing for Your Re-Roofing Services

For many years, our contractors have been repairing Pembroke Pines region with large roofing services at reasonable prices. We desire to assist you attach the harm your roof has experienced by providing our re-roofing services.
Our team will take note to your problems, and then they will do inspection and then decide the price for services. You just need to call us now and our customer support will assist you set up your services before providing you with a free, no compulsion quotation.

Roof repair

The very finest way to take care of your roof in Pembroke Pines is by preservation and by offering it with the essential repairs. As you know that the weather in Pembroke Pines is always in the balance, it is good to check your roof for leaks, water damage and other weather related matters. If you see any damage then you needs to repair it instantly before it becomes worse, make it likely that you will face more costly repairs or even a roof replacement in the future.
We have our local roofing contractors those who will repair any essential damages to your roof. They will easily change shingles, utilize sealant where required, and they will secure and protect any regions where water damage is evident. Contact Danny & Sons Roofing to have the experts come out and take a look right away.
If you consider that you’re in necessitate of roof repairs, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll propel our roofers out there to examine the roof for damages. Once the damage has been evaluated, you’ll be provided with a quote.

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